alias Mystery

  • Je vis Niedersachsen
  • Je suis né(e) le 11 mai
  • Je suis Pharmaziestudentin
  • Je suis nicht Mistery
I'm Mystery, 21 years old, from Germany. I started reading Warrior Cats in 2009 and joined Wikia in 2013. My favorite Warrior Cats character is Dustpelt.
In this Wikia I add interwiki-links to the German, English, Dutch, Spanish, Russian and Finnish Warrior Cats Wikias. On the bottom of this page you can see interwiki-links to my profile in the other Warrior Cats Wikias.
If you have a question, you can ask on my User Talk, but please try to write your messages yourself and don't let Google Translate do it for you. I will answer as soon as possible.
May StarClan light your path! ~Mystery
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